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About Us

We are insured for event photography and are chamber members of Prince William County. Our services have a 30-day money back guarantee. As members of the chamber in our 5th year, we want customers to be 100% satisfied. We strive in helping customers to preserve those special memories through photography.

Todd is a semi-professional photographer who has studied and done photography since the 1980s with Super 8 film editing and SLR film photography. His dad made 16 mm home movies using movie lights, title boards, and spent countless hours on 16 mm movie film editor. 

Mr. Smith has a passion to capture that special moment with the best composition and lighting. Todd also has a variety of other interests including optics. He has a B.S. in physics and computer science from Loyola University Maryland. Also, he has a M.S. in management science from GMU. He has been exploring the benefits of thermal imaging around the home and at businesses. Todd has been serving on the chamber's Education and Innovation Committee for the last 4 years promoting relationships between businesses and educators to help the youth find the best career fit for them.

Todd is usually available for event appointments starting late afternoons or on weekends. For real estate, appointments can be late morning for a 90-minute session. Although photography is not Todd's current major source of income, he is growing the business through referrals.

Our slogan is ‘Treasures Preserved by Photography’ where we provide unique photography services to capture and enrich your special moments during life’s journey. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your unique photography needs.
P.O. Box 1061
Manassas, VA 20108-1061

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Please call or email us to discuss what we can offer. Thanks!
President: Todd Smith
Phone: 703-850-2276(call/text)
Best time to call to setup an appointment:
Mon - Fri: 9am-11am ET, 1pm-3pm ET
Sat: 10AM - 2PM ET

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