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Photography Services:
  • Family and Business Events
  • Real Estate Properties
  • Team Sports
  • Home and Business Photo Inventories

Enrich your journey in life with preserved photo memories
Event Photography, Home and Business Photo Inventories, ManassasPhoto Inventories, Event Photography, Manassas, VAWe provide professional photo services to preserve and relive your special moments through photography.  High quality online customized private/public photo galleries are normally provided as well as thumb drives. Services are primarily done in Prince William and Manassas area.
Our slogan is ‘Treasures Preserved by Photography’ where we provide unique photography services to capture and enrich your special moments during life’s journey. We are insured for event photography and are chamber members. Make an investment to protect and relive your treasured memories by our photography services.

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As members of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce in our 5th year, we are committed to our customers to being 100% satisfied. We are flexible and offer low-price services that are negotiable based on your requests. If you are not satisfied after the service, we have a 30-day money back guarantee for that peace of mind.

Tahoe Innovations has performed photography for special chamber events. View events by clicking on links below:

See www.pwchamber.org for more information of upcoming chamber events.

Sample Galleries/Videos:

** New service with 360 degree virtual reality photos:

See our portfolio of work on YouTube and Facebook below:

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Our current fees are as follows for 2019: (negotiable, rates vary)

  • Event Photography: for that special event such as business open houses, family reunions, birthdays, and anniversaries. Photos and short videos can be custom packaged for your special events starting at $50. Sound is provided by an external stereo microphone. Go to page Events for more photos.

  • Real Estate Property photos - starting at $60 per home. We provide high quality photos for realtors to list single-family homes, townhouses, and condos. Photography takes about 75 minutes at your location that includes 40 to 50 photos delivered on a thumb drive. Each room is examined for best composition and lighting to brightly fill the room without glare. For more information see Real Estate.

  • Home or Business Photo Inventory - starting at $80. For additional photos and footage, call for pricing. Inventory is provided with photo CDs or option to store photos in Allstate Digital Locker, a home inventory cloud service. Each room is given complete detail with wide-angle views and 360 degree coverage. Services includes any closets, cabinets, or drawers requested. For better insurance claims and reducing stress in recalling every room item, get a photo inventory done.
  • Family Sport Events $80 - for indoor/outdoor games such as soccer and robotic competitions. Action closeups with continuous shooting is performed to capture those special moments that needs to be preserved. 
All above services include digital products that are taxed at an additional charge of 6% sales tax. Digital media is taxable since it is tangible property.

A charge of $40 will be issued if for any service call to a location for a scheduled appointment is missed due to a no-show of customer allowing the photographer to complete job. Appointments need to be confirmed by an email reply for set time, date, and location. Please let us know 2 hours before appointment if need to reschedule. Thanks!

Family & Pet Portraits
We have portable backdrops and studio lights for easy setups at your location limited to 20 miles from Manassas, Va. Special care is taken to get the best angle, sitting position, and total best effect to get your treasured photos. Photos are delivered by online gallery or on thumb drives. High resolution prints can be ordered.
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Family Sports and Events
Video of events may have a mix of photos and short video clips. High speed and telephoto closeups are provided and available under very low light conditions. Background music can be added by the customer with a music file or provided by us. Caption can be added to selected photos. 
soccer kick - family event

Home & Business Inventories
Protect your property for insurance by investing in a comprehensive Home Inventory photo package. Multiple wide-angle views are taken of every room to give full 360 degree coverage. Having the inventory on thumb drives in safe storage will give you peace of mind when an unexpected loss event occurs. Option to store photos in Allstate Digital Locker, a cloud service that is designed for home inventories. Inventory files are not retained by Tahoe Innovations, Inc. on its computers or shared.

home photo inventory 1

Home collection of special items can be part of this inventory to protect your treasured memories. This may include paintings and rare books. Registration or serial numbers on each item is part of inventory.

Sample home inventory itemDSC 2953 Elephants rs

Services can be provided at your location up to 20 miles from Manassas. 
Tahoe Innovations, Inc. is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
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